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Jordan Court AC.1 2013-12-08 23:07:22 information exposure.This pair of Jordan Court AC.1 recently exposed to the network, pure black vamp collocation red details embellishment, with white outsole, which brings together the Bai Heihong trichrome, the network exposure of its item information, love friends can look at. : No. adidas NMD releases 2015-12-22 11:22:24 in white version adidas has just released the latest flagship shoe NMD, not only full of names, but also because of the use of core technology and attracted much attention. After the first release of the black version, today the network brought us a completely new white version. Pure white shoes, with Boost big bottom, everything is like Tiancheng, and the details of the integration of blue and orange, light the color. However, there is no information on the sale of shoes now exposed, interested friends may wish to pay attention to the next. trend shoes Adidas ZX FLUX recently launched the Engineered Mesh version, and by the 6 colors for runners to choose, it is learned that will be officially released on March 15th. recently we have seen a series of launch of the new Lebron 11 color - Terracotta Army, the pride of the king, red, green and blue gamma, powder and so on. Today brings you a customized version of the LeBrion 11 new color -Area 72, developed by Dez Customz for Portland pioneer Aldridge. Dez borrowed the coloring ideas of Area, 72/, and Galaxy themes on LBJ11's shoes. The dark shoes of the galaxy match their laces to complement each other. The Nike hook is made of big red and is surrounded by bursting lines, which adds to the sense of the times.Hongkong, Losangeles, Bei jordans for sale jing, three fashion cities all over the world are performing the "Shamrock" style revolution". Leader Eason Chan, Edison Chan, Wu Yifan three of today's fashion spread in different regions? Adidas Originals? The "seed style": "the king of variety" Eason? In the famous Detroit Street photographer Jeremy Deputat?? the camera, with their own unique style interpretation of the spirit of the original, pompous "tags" stamp jacket with classic Superstar?? take it for street wear shoes? DNA? And the essence of the modern culture of the ultimate interpretation;? OG? Color, electro-optical digital printing? ZX Flux? And? Camo?, "oversize Logo Tee" camouflage? The perfect collocation is like? Eason? Multi genre, sometimes sometimes soothing Madden, give a person with a sense of awe contrast. And Edison, as China's local tide culture behind the push, continue his uninhibited fashion attitude, feet wear? ZX 750? Shoes, in the "angel city" interpretation of the street story. Finally, the new generation idol Wu Yifan for "ZX FLUX? Ambassador? ID, shouting" 90? After a fashion statement ", its unique style of simple concept achievements and some mature temperament does not match the age, at the same time the release of solid colors, colorful, stamp? ZX Flux? Surging youth shoes activity. Ronnie Fieg x Asics Gel Lyte3 physical debut, 2013-12-08 22:42:18 before you reported by Ronnie Fieg again teamed up with the famous Japanese shoe brand Asics launched another shoe shoes. At that time only the exposure of a spy, today, the network has finally exposed a detailed picture of this pair of shoes. This Ronnie Fieg x Asics "Total Eclipse" Gel Lyte 3 overall navy navy suede and black glossy leather material, with red cheap air jordans wine shoelaces and details sketched, in order to fit the theme of "total solar eclipse".Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals JS Instinct Hi new 2013-12-08 23:00:13 recently and a Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals new series debut, the "Tartan" Instinct Hi in addition to the classic big tongue, mosaic Scotland Plaid material of different color black red yellow Blue Curacao etc. and has become the the biggest highlight of this shoe. It is reported that this shoes will be on sale in March, like friends can pay attention to.Air Jordan Retro 3 Retro "flame red" newly released 2013-12-08 23:15:47 Jordan Brand is now for the generation of shoes engraved is really spare no effort information, especially the several popular models, a variety of classic color and color of the new release is also continuously. This summer, another pair of flame red classic Air Jordan shoes to confirm the re engraved. It is reported that, in August 3rd, this pair of Air Jordan 3 Retro "flame red" color will be sold on the whole code engraved. Not in Augustoutdoor atmosphere Canada Ransom Holding Co. outdoor brand for days before the fall of 2014; footwear series to create a new style of collocation Lookbook. The series includes high cylinder boots, desert boots, and low hand sports shoes. Shoes are made of comfort materials such as ballistic nylon, tannin and natural leather to suit the brand's outdoor skills. With a view of the Yosemite National Park in the mountains, this collection shows us an outdoor atmosphere. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- shoes variety art! All kinds of sneakers, works of art! are you tall enough for adult toys? Can you afford it, ? must Click! 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RED CLOUD latest canvas shoes hot launch next a cheap air jordans online rticle: Opening, Ceremony, X, Vans released new Slip-On series shoes according to incomplete statistics, so far, Bryant has experienced 24 major injuries, from palm, ankle, shoulder, fingers, wrist, knee to the teeth, nose, eyes... Kobe whole body up and down the important parts of almost all suffered heavy losses. But for the "Mars" Kobe, fighting is always a homely. Although early and Jackson has discord, but Jackson has been on Kobe praised the determination to combat injuries...... Next, let's look back at the history of Kobe's injury. 1999-2000 pre-season games last season of wizards, Bryant's right fourth metacarpal fractures, so the absence of the first 15 games of the season, O'Neal due to injuries, not fully recovered he wore protective gear to return to the court. That season, Kobe was named the best team two and the best defensive team in the first team. 2000 years finals second Kobe ankle sprains seriously, the team doctor he at least had to rest for a week to heal, but Bryant had only in the stage of the third war with the Pacers failed to, play key in Game 4 of the injured, in the second half and scored 22 points, O'Neal fouled out after several life key ball, including the final moments of the anti body tipped, helping the Lakers to a 3-1 lead, finally won the 1988 the first championship. 2001 December, Kobe away against Memphis bumping into the waist, and left hip injury "sequelae". 2002 in December the away game to challenge the warriors, Kobe right shoulder hit dislocation, but he insisted to play the full 82 games, in June 2003 to be operated on removal of shoulder had inflamed bursa, will wear the articular capsule of re dressing. 2005 in April to Memphis a war, Kobe played out Cheap foamposites for sale to 14 minutes, because the right leg tibia pain. 2005 January 13th to February 13th, Kobe due to a serious ankle injury for a full 1 months of a truce. In fact, the Lakers had expected he will be absent for at least two months, but because of the poor state of the Lakers did not Kobe, O'neal in spite of opposition in advance. 2008 in February against the basket the nets game, Bryant's right little finger was wounded opponent. After the diagnosis as part of the ligament tear, Bryant declined to surgery but adhere to the injuries of the game. 2009 in December 26 to the king, the third section near the end of Kobe's elbow sprain, he in the fourth quarter at the start of the back to the locker room. After a simple treatment to return to the stadium. The game played two overtime before a winner, Kobe played 51 minutes, scored 38 points. 2009 in December against the Timberwolves, Gomez steals injury of Bryant's right index finger, Bryant immediately return to the locker room for treatment, the index finger of the right hand tightly bandaged, he once again back to the stadium. The doctor said after the game, Kobe right index finger joint carina fracture, bone chip first joint. 2009 January war knight, Kobe defense James when the right ring finger serious contusion, according to his teammates recalled his ring finger left to reach 45 degrees. After simple 〉 Peru's Deputy Minister of foreign trade and tourism, Lewis? Said Alonso in a speech before the Peru talks with China quasi free trade agreement will set up business protection mechanisms, including taking protective measures on their "sensitive sectors". Alonso said: "our aim is to seek a trade agreement with the Chinese, whether it is part of the contents of the agreement or the entire contents, should be carried out to protect sensitive industries, especially to negotiate a reasonable framework of trade protection, a framework including dumping and trade the protection of trade agreements." according to the explanation, Alonso mentioned above "sensitive industries" mainly refers to the clothing industry, textile industry and footwear industry. at present, the government of Peru has signed a free trade agreement with China on the agenda, hoping that the two sides will start negotiations on the issue as soon as possible. Alonso said that Peru's Ministry of foreign trade and tourism hopes to make progress with China on the feasibility study of the free trade agreement in mid May. "We are looking forward to a feasibility study with China in the middle of May to determine the content of the trade agreement between China and the United states." however, the secret ingredient has clearly indicated that "sensitive products" such as China's clothing, textiles, footwear and other products will be excluded from the negotiating scope of the free trade agreement. in recent years, some local manufacturers in Peru have been asking the government to take trade protection measures for local industries because of poor efficiency. As a result, anti-dumping investigations into Chinese products are increasing in Peru. According to statistics, since 1994, more than 30 cases of anti-dumping cases involving products such as textiles and clothing in Peru have resulted in serious economic losses. In December 2003, the government of Peru announced a temporary special protection for 106 Chinese textiles and clothing for 200 days, resulting in millions of dollars in economic losses. Although these are minor frictions, they also have a bearing on the normal trade between the two countries. Adidas training fusion nowadays a variety of creative elements, the light and shadow lines and summer colorful frames in every single product, the launch of the new Summer Attack series. Ensuring the motion comfort at the same time, this series of products into the dynamic city, rich in color selection color to add a touch of vitality in summer, let the young men and women to jump in the sun, dancing, sweat. Fun program to create a summer sports trend is still in trouble for the summer clothes? This season Adidas training for you to solve the "summer Fun program" teach your personality piercing movement style, easy interpretation of summer wind flow. Slogan TEE, confident, enthusiastic, fresh slogan, accompanied by bold and colorful solid color doctrine, Adidas 2012 Summer launched the most creative slogan Tee. 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