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in 2007, although the industry is whether domestic or export markets are somewhat unsatisfactory, but the majority of the enterprises still have shoe ready to begin a year of work this year were summarized, and then arrange for the coming year. However, as in previous years, the vigorous "collection of sports" has become the most important enterprises at present. As a result of the continued downturn in the industry as a whole, it is much more difficult for the company to default on payment at the end of this year than in previous years. "it seems that the industry in this year's situation is very difficult, ah, this year's loan recovery is much more difficult than in previous years, and then go on, our business how to do ah?"!" In the Guangzhou Railway Station west market, there is a shoe dealer who has been in operation for many years and is in a very difficult situation. Although the second half of the Guangzhou area of the export of footwear enterprises business this year there was a certain degree of recovery, but from the beginning of the payment of arrears or so many shoe enterprises and dealers feel very helpless, "we also see that some small and medium-sized enterprises is indeed no production orders, don't pay, even the survival is very difficult for this, some ente cheap jordans for sale rprises, we can only be a temporary slowdown on its payment efforts, but now these enterprises are more and more, we really have too much." "not long ago when we found the financial summary, we currently have nearly 10 million yuan accounts receivable receivables not credited, now part of the company's business has been launched in 2007, in order to" recover "before the lunar new year will be the return of funds as much as possible." Fujian Jinjiang a synthetic leather products dealers told reporters, although they have put the company in almost all of the "〉 salesman sent out debts, but the actual effect is not very obvious." "〉 nail the customer payment or not) the European Union ruled in October 5th that it levied anti-dumping duties of up to 16.5% on China's leather shoes for a period of two years. This has caused great resistance to China's leather shoes entering the EU market, coupled with the pressure of RMB appreciation, China's footwear industry almost into an unprecedented predicament. One of the initiatives: changing prices at low prices and moving toward middle and high levels. In the European Union anti-dumping impact, according to the introduction, the original price in the middle and above exporters suffer pressure is relatively light, beca Cheap jordans online use buyers are more stable, pay attention to quality, and not by price competition. A person of Kangnai Group International Trade Department said, "Kangnai" exports, although the proportion of 20~30%, but has been in the high-end route, a pair of shoes the average export price of about $30, far higher than the mainland 10 dollar shoes industry level. Therefore, the European Union anti-dumping, affordability will be relatively strong. Analysis of the industry, the situation will force the mainland industry's focus on quality, strive to reduce serves decent price impact of anti-dumping. initiatives two: Overseas shop set up factories, OEM sales. Zhejiang, the capital of China's footwear industry, has always been famous for its volatility. After the EU antidumping measures impact, many manufacturers invariably put forward the "going out", try to bypass the "Chinese manufacturing" trouble, and the action is quick step. According to reports, the Zhejiang Kangnai group to spend 2 billion yuan to invest in Russia to build large-scale economic and trade cooperation zone, located in Wusu Rees grams of the city, plans to build industrial parks through mobilizing the mainland enterprises to plant moved there to complete the production of semi-finished products in the mainland, assembly, sales in Russia buy cheap jordans online , in order to avoid EU anti-dumping tax. Industry estimates, at that time there will be a lot of Wenzhou shoe enterprises settled. As for this "curve into Europe" strategy can reverse the situation is still unknown, but at least it is a temporary for countermeasures. initiatives three: launched a strong brand. Less than a few days after the end of the 100 th Canton Fair, another message that shocked the mainland shoe industry was reported in the newspapers, causing a lot of agitation. According to reports, Guangzhou Tianfu science and technology "launched a Shengfu brigade, the price of up to 88888 yuan CEO energy shoes. Industry will be released to a very high strategic height, that will help to break the existing low-cost China's footwear industry pattern". this kind of high price shoes has two selling points, first of all, the price is the highest of China's shoes, alsoGood joint design Reebok x Hanon NPC 2 2013-12-08 22:43:07, recently well-known British trend store Hanon teamed up with Reebok, to Reebok's birth in 80s classic shoes NPC 2 as the design blueprint, to create two pairs of different color matching Reebok x Hanon NPC 2. NPC 2 and the type of shoes in today is still such a classic, and Hanon design in the full sense of the trend, the cooperation, the two shoe shoes are us jordans on sale mens ed to create suede, leather lining and collocation translucent crystal, great texture, Logo and bronzing on the sides of the shoe body is particularly conspicuous that is definitely a good joint attempt. It is reported that the two pairs of shoes will be landed in November 30th, Hanon stores Limited sale.When John Elliott abandoned the common lines and canvas materials of shoes, and made a more fluent and luxurious NikeLab version of the high cylinder, Nike returned to the original appearance of Air Force 1. In the "Binary Blue", this pair of Vandal style Air Force 1 in white canvas version, which is more eye-catching bright red clear shoe line structure, in addition to the more rubber outsole blessing presents retro sense arise spontaneously! Shoes are on sale, priced at $110. Onitsuka Tiger this spring, onitsuka tiger launched a new concept of CHIYO sports shoes. Inspired by the design of the Japanese style wind, this shoe is the first time that this traditional fabric has been interpreted as a self - styled style. Onitsuka Tiger ghost mound tiger in the sky in the sky, the wind, Lu laid a unique interpretation of the creation of a relaxed and pleasant spring and summer sports shoes, the new wind is still. is based on different creativity and mood of the creator, a seemingly simple wind, cheap air jordans online Lu Yu, can play countless tricks. CHIYO cloth cover the feet and wrapped around the heel, the wearer can compress packaging items like wind Lu with adjustment positions. The DIY design helps the wearer express individuality while pursuing comfort while displaying a rich Japanese style. CHIYO introduces 3 color matching for different occasions. The fabric covers on the uppers highlight a distinctive feminine style, and show a free and healthy fashion attitude if you wear barefoot. about CHIYO shoes, CHIYO is a new sport shoes specially designed for the 2017 spring / summer season. It is inspired by the traditional Japanese wind and Lu style. The wearer can adjust the binding position with the wind and the packages. The cloth covering on the vamp is full of the aesthetic feeling of the wind and the wind, and reveals the delicate texture of the female. "CHIYO" (thousand generations) is derived from Japanese, expressing the change of years and vicissitudes of life. suggested retail price: 590 yuan CHIYO shoes will be launched on May 1, 2017, Onitsuka Tiger, mainland China Gate stores and Tmall official flagship store, details can be concerned about the Onitsuka Tiger official WeChat in order to obtain the latest information. 2017 NBA Summer League first team: langzuo - Bauer (Lakers), Joh cheap air jordans n Corinth (Atlanta), Josh Jackson (the sun), Denis Smith (calf) and Caleb Siwanigen (Portland). The Lakers rookie langzuo Bauer was elected in 2017 NBA Summer League MVP, was inducted into the summer league team.following Smith Stan, 80s Superstar and 80s Campus, Adidas overwhelmed by the innovative Primeknit technology into another pair of classic shoes Spezial above. The first wave will bring grey and blue two colors and design were selected the precision Primeknit woven materials uppers, shoes to inject more halfback breath and then matched with signs of vulcanized rubber soled retaining the classic blood. Source: Spezial Primeknit2016 years is the 110th anniversary of the new balance on the big day, commemorating the anniversary of NB110 started immediately. Recently, brand to "#REINVENT" as the core concept, in Tokyo held the beta night anniversary celebration, kicked off NB110. In addition brand in Shibuya Bank Gallery held #REINVENT will be published in, the first preview the upcoming debut of the 2016 summer series. The venue of the NB110 to "always in beta" as a concept, showing years the focus of the shoes, which including 996, 574, 580 classic styles, and in the quarter of the new brand will be to new shoe technology and science and technology to these classic re production, strengthening elements with fresh foam midsole Technology, seamless shoe body production, show the two concepts of the new season REENGINEERED and DECONSTRUCTED ". In addition, more brands in Japan, DESIGN STUDIO Lifestyle led TOKYO series. Finally Balance Tetsuya global project director Shono Shugo and Balance New Design Manager Moritani New more hands-on to the media commentary 110 Anniversary of the new design concept. source: HYPEBEASTSports players ASICS Gel Lyte V Release "Brasil" color series 2013-05-29 11:41:22 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: hypebeast] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network May 29 hearing, the well-known sports brand ASICS Gel Lyte V will launch the "Brasil" color series, the iconic color is very suitable costume South American summer shorts feel. Green suede shoes face tone, inside yellow, and blue parts of the shoes as carefully Guo embellishment, like the position of the heel of blue paint on a white rubber sole living, feeling a little interesting. Gel Lyte V "Brasil" Write public sale date, but seeing "Brasil" think color is very 2014 World Cup held in Brazil, should be launched in the near future. Related news; released 2015 winter series Lookbook, to showcase the brand new single product. For female product line, Nike is still committed to the technology into the special sport of women, for athletes to create a single product for daily wear. Including a bright printed leggings, tech fleece sweater and so, at the same time, there are air max 95, flyknit zoom agility shoes for daily street outfit needs. Interested friends may wish to see this Lookbook, and can be purchased at the Nike website. (Editor: YOYO) Jordan have not once in public occasions expressed for AJ 11 beloved, this called the sneaker history the most perfect shoes, become numerous collectors favorite. When Jordan was already can not wait to put on AJ 11 play but when Jordan on the foot is just a pair of sample that when Jordan to exchange for the number 23 shirt, the heel of the air jordan Xi still embroidered with 45. The story is in later brought tremendous impact, countless sneaker fans are extremely eager to to find a pair of heels, followed by a 45 embroidery, air jordan Xi. And now, it was started on the eBay on the auction of this pair in the playoffs against the magic of the Jordan XI Air Space Jam Sample, also with the signature on the shoes, meaning self-evident. Such ruthless goods, who don't want to, but price is certainly an astronomical figure. We had no choice but to by this group of pictures to quench your thirst! Source:NEIGHBORHOOD the latest accessories design is a printed "Fuck" Em! "The bamboo fan. This often appear in the tone of the word on the street culture before being NEIGHBORHOOD borrowed, the expression of the distinctive position will become the object of street fashion have the panic buying. This is a bamboo fan by Goodhood has been officially on sale, priced at $$45.15. · APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! I believe we already know that , Off-White and NIKE this year will bring as many as 10 joint works, and this has been exposed before the Off-White x Nike Air Max 90 days before the release of more real spy photos, it can be said that this is a very unique design. on the destruction of the tongue by manipulation, at the same time the information about Off-White in the medial India, also added a shoelace hole screen feeling, shoelaces still before the exposure of AJ1, add the words SHOELACES. Unfortunately, there is no exact release information yet. 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